Frequently Asked Questions

I just joined the national association, how do I become a local chapter member?

When you join as a national member and you have a Nevada address, you are automatically an affiliate of the ACHE Nevada Chapter, unless you elect not to participate. When you join the national chapter, your email address and contact information will automatically populate into the local chapter’s roster.

I am a current ACHE member and just moved to the area. How do I transfer my membership to ACHE Nevada?

Update your profile/address at MyACHE on the organization’s main website ( Then, contact us to confirm that your information was updated on the local roster. Note that it often takes up to 2 days for the changes to occur.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your profile, visit ACHE’s main website and log into your MyACHE account.

How do I get involved if I want to serve on a committee?

Click on the ‘Members’ section in the menu. Select ‘Committees’ in the drop down menu. Here you will find a list of the committees with descriptions and contact information. If you are interested in a specific committee, please send an email indicating your committee of interest.

How often are events held?

Frequently–To see all of our upcoming events, click on the ‘Events’ tab in the top navigation bar.

What are the costs associated with ACHE Nevada events?

Most events have a nominal fee, though this generally includes food and 1-2 drink tickets depending on the event.

I am interested in advancing to Fellow status. Who can I talk to about this?

Click on the ‘Members’ section in the menu. Select ‘Credentialing’ in the drop down menu for more information.