Diversity and Inclusion

ACHE of Nevada’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

We are promoters of diversity and inclusion…

From specialized member forums to career resources, executive programs and policy statements, ACHE makes supporting diversity and inclusion integral to its mission and daily work. We seek to close the leadership gaps in healthcare management. We embrace this priority as both an ethical and business imperative.

As the premier professional membership society for healthcare executives, ACHE embraces diversity and inclusion within the healthcare management field. ACHE values and supports diversity and inclusion strategies and initiatives because they contribute to an improved workforce and services delivered to healthcare consumers. ACHE also values and actively promotes diversity in its leaders, members, and staff. Diverse participation can serve as a catalyst for improved decision-making, increased productivity, and competitive advantage.

Further, ACHE works to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

— From ACHE Statement on Diversity

Courageous Conversations

Presented by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Date Topic
August 26th Focus on Indigenous Peoples – To celebrate International Day of the Word’s Indigenous People on August 9
September 23rd Focus on Hispanic Heritage Month – To highlight Mexican Independence Day on September 16th
October 28th Bullying (Bullying Prevention Month) – “Bullying in the workforce and impact on Inclusion”

ACHE Diversity Resources

Institute for Diversity and Health Equity – Co-founded by ACHE and sponsored by the American Hospital Association, the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity works to expand leadership opportunities for minorities in health administration. Programs include student internships, professional development education, and a biannual conference. Learn more about the institute or how you can get involved.

Executive Diversity Career Navigator – Chart a career path to the highest levels with this centralized resource, a project of ACHE and five partner organizations. EDCN offers information, tools, and inspiration for diverse leaders, from early career to senior executives, with free access to most assets. Explore EDCN here…

Asian Healthcare Leaders Forum – Members advocate for greater representation in management, administration, and policymaking. For more info on how to join AHLF visit here…

LGBT Forum – Promoting high-quality care for LGBT patients and families. Visit and join.

Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program – During this year-long program, scholars will benefit from specialized curriculum opportunities addressing barriers in career attainment and developing executive presence. The program includes one-on-one interaction with a specially selected mentor, and participation in formal leadership education and career assessments. Learn more about the program.

Diversity Impact Summit Forms and Handouts